International performers head to Watford’s Big Bandstand TOMORROW

As well as international bands, many popular local bands will be performing at Big Bandstand. Watford’s Electric Umbrella – a band that hones the talent of people with learning disabilities – will play from 2-4pm on Sunday 18 June. There will also be a Great Get Together Community Picnic for everybody in Watford – inspired by the late MP Jo Cox – from 2.30-5.30pm on Saturday 17 June. A variety of performers will bring the celebration to life through the event theme of ‘having more in common than that which divides us’. The picnic on Saturday has been organised by the West Watford Community Association – a popular community Centre based in 15 Harwoods Road.

The first American performers to arrive came from Oklahoma and performed a variety of music, including their brass band’s take on Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, on Friday 9 June. Two days later, a band from Nebraska followed – and a Kansas band performed today (Thursday 15 June) from 12.30-2pm.

The American musicians – a collection of talented high school students carefully selected by their teachers – are travelling across Europe as part of the Voyageurs Ambassadors of Music USA group. They will perform in France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Jodie Forsyth, coordinator of the Voyageurs Ambassadors, said: “The park is beautiful. The people we have met here are so nice, and we look forward to coming time and time again to perform for you this summer.”

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