Police in Hatfield warn anyone who rides a motorbike in antisocial manner

Police in Hatfield are warning anyone who rides a motorbike or moped in an antisocial manner at the quarry on Symondshyde Lane, that the activity is illegal and they will use powers to seize vehicles belonging to repeat offenders.

Over the past couple of months police have received over 20 reports from members of the public about people riding motorbikes or mopeds around the quarry.  Not only are those responsible causing a noise nuisance to the residents who live close to the location, they are also putting themselves at risk of injury as the area is not a safe location designed to facilitate this type of activity.  Also, as the quarry is private land the riders are also illegally trespassing.

It is an offence to drive a moped, motorcycle or any other form of motorised vehicle on footpaths, bridleways or areas such as the quarry.  It is also an offence to use a motor vehicle in a manner which causes alarm, distress or annoyance. Anyone caught undertaking these activities could face having their vehicle seized, a fine or even imprisonment.

To tackle the problem, police officers from Welwyn Hatfield’s Safer Neighbourhood Team have put on extra patrols around the area. A 13-year-old boy was also caught by officers riding an off-road bike in the quarry with his father. They were both given a first warning under Section 59 of the Road Traffic Act, which states if an individual continues to ride their vehicle in an antisocial manner at the location, that it will be seized.

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