Romet Group press on with plans for new restaurant

UK’s leading hospitality chain Romet Group are pressing on with plans for their new restaurant which is set to be housed in a “prime London location”.

Romet Group who are behind brands such as Pivaz Restaurant, Venerdi Restaurant and Hackney’s Cod&Co will unleash a new eatery brand in London to bolster their holdings of over 9 restaurants.

The man in charge of the operation, Romet Group’s CEO Dogan Kaya tells us “What a way for us to end the year by launching this new eatery. I wont give too much away at this point but this will slowly become one of our leading eatery brands as we plan to branch it out in future.”

Kaya added “We have really thought of our customers with this new eatery hence why we have chose a prime London location, whilst we will face higher costs and overheads we plan to service customers of all different budgets.

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