A Spaniel who served with Hertfordshire Dog Unit sadly passed away

A Spaniel who served with the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire (BCH) Dog Unit for more than ten years sadly passed away earlier this month (June) following a short illness.

Former drugs, cash and weapons detection dog Brewster, who was aged 15, was the unit’s oldest serving dog and made national headlines when he finally hung up his lead in January last year (2016).

Originally from North Yorkshire, Brewster’s previous owners decided to gift him to the police after realising he had too much energy for them.

Within three weeks of taking Brewster on, the naturally inquisitive canine was fully trained and licensed as a drugs, cash and weapons detection dog.

The Spaniel, who had two different coloured eyes, began active service in August 2005 and stayed on patrol with his handler, PC Dave Pert, up until his retirement.

‘Legendary’ former police dog Brewster sadly passes awayBrewster was one of the most well-known dogs from the unit, having worked across the three counties and beyond, providing mutual aid to other police forces including Norfolk and Suffolk.

Brewster’s specialist nose, which was trained to detect various types of drugs in vehicles, buildings and open spaces, was utilised at a number of incidents and warrants over the years, some of which made press headlines.

In 2015 the hound detected items suspected to be cannabis in Chapmore End, near Ware, and Watford leading to a number of arrests.

His keen sense of smell was always welcomed by officers as he successfully located items that may have had otherwise been missed due to how well they had been hidden.

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