Hitchin river gets its annual clean

The annual cleaning of the River Hiz outside of St Marys Church, Hitchin and Sainsburys in Whinbush Road, Hitchin is scheduled to commence on Friday 15 February.

These sections of the river operate via a ‘balancing tank’ system which, with the use of sluice gates that help retain river water in those sections, create a visually appealing, deeper river in the centre of town.

Work will commence on 15 February to drain water from the tanks, using the sluice gates to greatly reduce the flow. Contractors will then remove the silt and sludge, which if it is left to build up can cause problems in the tanks.

General rubbish will also be removed and the fountain will be serviced. Once work is complete the river will be returned to its normal level. Work is expected to finish on Friday 22 February.

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