Hitchin Town Hall Ltd finalises sale of 14/15 Brand Street

The North Hertfordshire Museum came one step closer to fully opening today, 30 January 2019, following the completion of the sale of 14/15 Brand Street by Hitchin Town Hall Ltd (“HTH Ltd”) to North Hertfordshire District Council (“Council”).

The sale also brings an end to the dispute between the Council and HTH Ltd, with a deal to draw a line under their disagreement. In the settlement, that has also been signed by HTH Finance Ltd (“HTHF”), the bankers of HTH Ltd, the Council will continue to operate the Town Hall and Museum for the benefit of the North Hertfordshire community, with some commercial use to support those activities.

In the future, should the Council be in a position where it is no longer able to maintain it as a Community Facility, then it will give five years notice of this and during that period will consider any reasonable proposals put forward by residents.

HTH Ltd agreed to the sale of 14/15 Brand Street at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 30 October 2018; HTHF Ltd have also confirmed their agreement to the terms of the sale. Following this, NHDC’s Cabinet gave final approval for the deal at its meeting on 20 November 2018 as did the Cabinet Sub-Committee (Council Charities) which confirmed that the settlement agreement was in accordance with their charitable objectives.

With legal agreements now concluded, the Council is able to complete the fit out of the Museum. It is anticipated that it will be fully open by June 2019.

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