Monday, 22/1/2018 | 8:06 UTC+0

Local Weight Plan used in ground-breaking diabetes remission trial

A landmark trial funded by Diabetes UK has shown that it is possible to put Type 2 diabetes into remission using an intensive low calorie formula diet-based weight management programme.

The trial, called DiRECT (Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial), is a two-year study aimed at finding an effective and accessible way to put Type 2 diabetes into remission. To do this the trial used the Counterweight Plus weight management programme whose low calorie formula diet products were supplied by Cambridge Weight Plan.

The results from DiRECT show that almost half (45.6%) of all those who took part in the programme were in remission after 12 months. Nine out of ten participants who lost more than 15kg put their condition into remission and over half (57%) of those who lost 10 to 15kg achieved remission (along with a third (34%) who lost five to 10kg). Only 4% of the control group achieved remission.

The first year findings of the study suggest that Type 2 diabetes remission is closely linked to significant weight loss. Of the 298 people who took part in the trial, half received standard diabetes care from their GP, whilst the other half received Counterweight Plus structured weight management programme within primary care. The programme included a 800kcal a day, low calorie, nutrient-complete formula diet supplied by Cambridge Weight Plan for three to five months, food reintroduction and long-term support to maintain weight loss.



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