Meet the man of the moment – Jonathan Sothcott

The same way South Africa had Nelson Mandela and British football had David Beckham the world of low budget British film has its own champion – the talented, stylish producer Jonathan Sothcott!

With sources this last week suggesting that 37 year old Sothcott’s next hit film WSDTOW – We Still Die The Old Way – the third in the popular series starring Ian Ogilvy – could shoot a marjority of their scenes in Hertfordshire we took it upon ourselves to find out more about the man of the moment in the British film industry.

A humble Sothcott who has, he says, merely been producing ‘for years’ is now widely regarded as one of the most influential figures on the British indie film scene with over THIRTY producer credits on titles such as Vendetta, Age Of Kill, The Fall Of The Essex Boys, the White Collar Hooligan series, We Still Kill The Old Way and most recently Bonded By Blood 2.

Whilst he has worked with an array of top movie stars including Martin Kemp, Jason Statham, Ray Winstone, Mark Hamill, Danny Dyer and Steven Berkoff, he has also created opportunities for a wealth of new talent, giving many their first break both in front of and behind the camera.

PICTURED: Jonathan Sothcott and veteran actor Billy Murray | © The Showbiz Scene

Away from work the industrious entrepreneur is in touch with his humanity as he often supports various charity functions and charitable film festivals including the Rob Knox Film Festival which he attended recently this year whilst he also supported an award named in his honour, dubbed the MMBF Jonathan Sothcott Award – the award saw Sothcott hand an aspiring filmmaker a role at his Hereford Films outlet.

Sothcott was recently tipped for a gong as a tabloid outlet last week reported that he is a bookies favourite to be knighted for his services to the industry by Buzz Chatter. His thirty movies have employed thousands of cast and crew in the British film industry in the last decade and have sold well over a million DVDs.

A colourful, towering character in his Savile Row blazers and Italian shoes Sothcott is an old school producer in a rapidly changing production business, as at home smoking huge cigars with the editor of The Rake magazine outside his beloved hush in Mayfair as he is dining with Vicky Pattison or Casey Batchelor at Sheesh in Essex.

Today a source at Hereford Films refused to confirm whether or not production plans could go ahead in the beautiful county of Hertfordshire whilst Sothcott himself was unavailable for comment.

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