Over 300 Hertfordshire roads get a makeover

Nearly 300 residential roads countywide will get a makeover using a method known as micro surfacing. It involves spreading a thin layer of new road surface to seal the road from the elements, even out bumps and dips and restore grip. By sealing any cracks, it can prevent the formation of widespread potholes. The treatment is quick to apply and adds years to the life of the road.

Watch the Council’s video to see how micro surfacing is done: https://youtu.be/nPG72tDnFPY

Rob Smith, Deputy Director of Environment, said: “This programme will help improve many of our local roads, particularly those that carry low or moderate levels of traffic.

“We know improving road condition is very important to local residents and road users and this work will improve the surface of these roads and help head off potholes before they form. The new surface will last for years and, because it can be applied quickly, we’re able to improve the condition of more roads countywide.

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