Police in Hertfordshire mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Police in Hertfordshire are marking World Elder Abuse Awareness Day by asking residents to look out for older friends, neighbours and family members who might be suffering from abuse.

Last Thursday June 15 was a United Nations-led awareness day and throughout the UK, police, charities and other organisations will be doing all they can to draw attention to the issues of abuse against older people.

Elderly victims may be more vulnerable because of their age or the health conditions they are living with. But they are often less likely to report abuse because they rely on the abuser for help and support in other ways, or because they feel shame in relation to what has happened.

To other people, abuse against older people may be harder to spot because it is going on behind closed doors or because they wouldn’t suspect a carer or loved one of committing the abuse, and yet it does happen.

Detective Chief Inspector Matt Phillips, who leads Hertfordshire Constabulary’s response to safeguarding adults, said: “As a Force we are committed to tackling abuse against older people and we have a number of specialist units that will intervene to stop the abuse and support victims.

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